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Ashley Elaine Phillips Aaron Zachary Terry Dec 28, 2018
Registry picture Meghan Burger Taylor Mahan Dec 8, 2018
Registry picture Hailey Hurst Jonathan Wigington Oct 27, 2018
Registry picture Allison Elaine Snodgrass Davis Ingram Jorgenson Oct 20, 2018
Registry picture Morgann Russell Samuel Cobb Oct 6, 2018
Registry picture Mary Caroline Wylie Tyler Reynolds Sep 29, 2018
Registry picture Robyn Bailes Blakemore Andrew Blakemore Sep 18, 2018
Registry picture Emily Arnold Josh Dorman Jun 30, 2018
Registry picture Annie Wallace Ross Burch Jun 30, 2018
Registry picture Kellie Sims Anderson Sam Burke Millslagle Jun 2, 2018
Registry picture Amy Beverley Brent Beverley Jun 1, 2018
Registry picture Lauran Walters Chester Walters Apr 30, 2018
Registry picture Claudia Bowen Tim Gaut Apr 28, 2018
Registry picture Emily Guinn Barrett Thorne Apr 21, 2018
Registry picture Shannon Adams William Adams Apr 19, 2018
Registry picture Katy Wackman Tyler Wackman Apr 7, 2018
Registry picture Alli Matthews Grant Jortner Apr 7, 2018
Registry picture Katy Ware John Haislet Apr 7, 2018
Registry picture Tara Snyder Mar 16, 2018
Registry picture Mindy Morse Noll Eugene Saunders Mar 10, 2018
Registry picture Christina Norton Jake Welty Mar 10, 2018
Registry picture Allison Kersh Mar 7, 2018
Registry picture Kelly Patrice Betts Brent John Horstmann Mar 3, 2018
Registry picture Kathleen Laning E.H. Almand Feb 24, 2018
Registry picture Sydney Alyson Merrill Trent Hudson Smith Feb 17, 2018
Lindsay Ellis Wampler John Harlan Wampler Feb 13, 2018
Registry picture Lauren LaRoe Feb 8, 2018
Registry picture Kelli Riley Nick Hardin Jan 20, 2018
Registry picture Kathryn Adams Krsnich Jan 12, 2018
Teri Dickerson Jan 7, 2018
Registry picture Cassie Hampe Jan 5, 2018
2016 Weddings
Lani Coates  and Steven Bell ~ November 19th, 2016 
Elizabeth Vadasdi and Price Simmons  ~  November 5th, 2016 
McClain Cavender and Andrew Devine ~  October 22nd, 2016 
Eleanor Wingo and Alex May   ~  October 22nd, 2016
Allison Spain and Frank Kivo  ~  October 8th, 2016
Chelsea Dickerson and Patrick Cooper ~  October 1st, 2016
Cori Jo Navarro and Luke Edgemon ~  October 1st, 2016
Brooke McDonough and Nathan Lowthorp ~  September 17th, 2016
Megan Phillips and Bret Thompson ~ September 17th, 2016
Maggie Emge and Ben Donnan ~ September 3rd, 2016
Holli Glass and Collin Shull ~ September 17th, 2016
Katherine Rowe and Aaron Druy ~ August 25th, 2016
Whitney Gore and Robert Bynum ~ July 23rd, 2016
Alex Katsorelos and Michael McAndrew ~ July 23rd, 2016
Sarah Allen and Aaron Herrell ~ July 9th, 2016
Kristin Mitchell and Chris Ryan ~ July 9th, 2016
Elizabeth Starr and Matthew Solomon ~ July 9th, 2016
Jenny Molberg and Robby Salsman ~ July 3rd, 2016
Laura Rubin and Lee Cannan ~ June 25th, 2016
Allie Eppler and Michael Jarvie ~ June 4th, 2016
Karson Payne and Shelby Fore ~ June 4th, 2016

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