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Faux Grasscloth collection with 8 products
Faux Grasscloth 8 products    
Luxury Leather collection with 12 products
Luxury Leather 12 products    
Acrylic collection with 7 products
Acrylic 7 products    
Baby collection with 14 products
Baby 14 products    
Beaded collection with 39 products
Beaded 39 products    
Classic collection with 4 products
Classic 4 products    
Signature collection with 58 products
Signature 58 products    
String of Pearls collection with 51 products
String of Pearls 51 products    
Traditions collection with 72 products
Traditions 72 products    
First Comes Love collection with 14 products
First Comes Love 14 products    
High Seas collection with 64 products
High Seas 64 products 2 Likes  
Gregarious Garden collection with 34 products
Gregarious Garden 34 products    
Let's Celebrate collection with 17 products
Let's Celebrate 17 products    
Palmy Nights collection with 40 products
Palmy Nights 40 products    
Pet Lovers collection with 17 products
Pet Lovers 17 products 2 Likes  
Seaside collection with 81 products
Seaside 81 products 1 Like  
Sporting Life collection with 7 products
Sporting Life 7 products    
Alabaster collection with 39 products
Alabaster 39 products 12 Likes  
Applique Glass collection with 17 products
Applique Glass 17 products    
Bellini Glass collection with 19 products
Bellini Glass 19 products    
Croc collection with 15 products
Croc 15 products    
Infinity collection with 9 products
Infinity 9 products    
Mustique collection with 7 products
Mustique 7 products    
Shimmer collection with 20 products
Shimmer 20 products    
Studio Glass collection with 41 products
Studio Glass 41 products    
Swedish Style collection with 5 products
Swedish Style 5 products    
Turkish Products collection with 8 products
Turkish Products 8 products    
Ceramics collection with 4 products
Ceramics 4 products 1 Like  
Fall collection with 15 products
Fall 15 products    
Decorative Frames collection with 27 products
Decorative Frames 27 products    
Engraved Statements collection with 105 products
Engraved Statements 105 products    
General Products
$179.00 Mariposa Pearl Service Tray
Mariposa Pearl Service Tray $179.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$219.00 Pearl Monogrammed Tray
Pearl Monogrammed Tray $219.00 ($US) 3 Likes

At Mariposa, we celebrate the passion of food and the splendor of making others feel at home. In short, we have a gift for entertaining.

Our unique collections are a result of our own innovative designers collaborating with superior artisans worldwide to bring the best of foreign cultures back home—from Italian glassware to aluminum gifts and ...... Read More