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About Lunares

Lunares Home carries a full line of objects to help make your living and working spaces feel right -- products that are sensual, organic, functional and easy on the eye. From serving pieces to help you entertain in style, to rugs and textiles designed make you feel at home, our home collection is made with our exclusive designs and timeless quality. Our items are all hand-crafted, and we take great pride in knowing that centuries old traditions and techniques are still being kept alive as we keep marching into a more automated world. We hope that the exuberance we feel is infectious and that you will recognize the magic as you browse through our site.

About the Artist

Recently, Lunares celebrated 13 years in business. It is a wonderful milestone to celebrate; a celebration to passion and perseverance.

It has been inspiring and exciting watching and being a part of the change that is happening globally. Today we are all faced with doing business in a responsible way. The consumers are looking for something real and authentic where the artisan's hand can be felt. There is a movement away form from faceless brands and rampant industrialization. The concept of luxury and sophistication is also changing. It is a careful choice of materials - sustainable, organic, and anti-cruelty. Intelligence is the new status symbol.

We here at Lunares have always taken the spirit of the artisanal world to the luxury brand. All our products are made by hand, using the ancient technique of sand-casting, helping to keep a centuries old technique alive. We have always used recycled raw materials for our decorative objects. It is source of great pride to me that what started as an exciting concept 13 years ago over a bottle of wine, has branded itself in the world of home accessories and even more so provides employment and sustenance to over 300 artisans and their families at our family owned factory in Rajasthan, India as well as the wonderful staff at our San Francisco headquarters.

I want to raise a glass to toast all our wonderful customers and our amazing staff without whom, we just couldn’t be.

Here’s to sharing the dream. Cheers!

Nima Oberoi


Founder and Designer

Based out of San Francisco, California, Indian-born designer Nima Oberoi heads and designs the wildly successful signature home collection, Lunares. Inspired by the artistically progressive city of her birth, Nima is known for her contemporary designs that are luxurious yet affordable: from velvets to luxurious leathers, rich silks and tactile fabrics.

Born and raised in Chandigarh, India, Nima can attribute the inspiration of her innovative designs to her culturally rich and architecturally historic birthplace. Located at the base of the Himalayas, the city of Chandigarh is the conceptual creation of the renowned French architect Le Corbusier who was commissioned by Nehru in 1953 to build a temple of modern India. It was here that Nima's talent for combining artistic modernism with the traditional craftsmanship of the past was born.

In 1986, her fascination with world cultures brought her to the United States. Soon thereafter, the city of San Francisco became her new home. During the next few years, she established herself as a leading designer of fashion jewelry. Her innate talent and rich blend of cultural influences were apparent from the beginning, making her new venture an immediate success.

The rapid and positive response to her first home collection was only news of more good things to come. Nima soon saw the potential of applying her success in fashion jewelry into the realm of home deécor and, in October 1996, her lifestyle-driven company, Lunares, was born. Her goal: to create a collection of contemporary designs that reflected a cosmopolitan and urban lifestyle while still being crafted in honest materials such as sensuous sand cast aluminum, tactile fabrics, leather and glass beads.

Lunares remains devoted to the over 300 artisans and their families for whom the company provides employment and sustenance at their factory in Rajasthan, India, as well as the staff at the San Francisco headquarters. Founded 13 years ago, Lunares is completely family-owned and totally vertical. Nima's brother, Mr. C.S. Oberoi, handles factory operations while Nima manages the design and sales based in San Francisco. They provide training for their artisans, and housing for many of them. A percentage of sales proceeds from LunaresHome go towards providing schooling for the workers children.

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