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On her 12th birthday, native Texan, Nicole Potter, received her first canvas. It was this day she discovered her passion for art. Betty James, named for her maternal grandparents: Betty and James Castellaw, started with that one simple canvas and has now grown into a great passion for jewelry design. Having a keen eye for fashion and a desire to always be unique, Nicole started designing jewelry for herself in college and the rest is history. In 2010 she founded Betty James, where each piece is still personally hand made.

Nicole strives for a fresh perspective in all mediums of her work. The diversity of her designs resonate in her distinctive style. Tradition is in the approach, but Nicole is not afraid to stray from norm. Her inspiration for jewelry comes from a love for anything vintage or ethnic. Odd pieces catch her eye and serve as a muse for organic and unique ready- to- wear art.

Born and raised in Dallas, Nicole attended Texas Christian University graduating in 2010 with a degree in art history, focusing on primitive Mayan and Aztec art. When she is not designing jewelry or painting, Nicole enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends. It is in these moments where she continues to gather inspiration for her creations, stowing moments and impressions to implement in her art-to-come

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